30th Anniversay (Jamaica Day4)

Part of the rationalization for making this trip was that it was our 30th anniversary, hard to believe. I got into the line to book a reservation for dinner at 7:45am after riding. Here's the deal. You can only book into one of the 'gourmet' restaurants from 8am to 4pm and only for the same night. People were sitting in chairs reading when I headed down to the gym and 6:45am. So I waited in the line for a bit and by the time I got to the front the only time left was 9:30pm. We walked by some of the restarants during the early sittings and they were half empty. Sal's dad went to the desk and complained and got the exact time he wanted for Thursday. Another couple reported that $5 could also get a reservation.We went for supper on Tuesday and most of the meal was a disaster. Fancy settings and presentation but not much in the taste department. We ended up eating pizza. I can't figure out why the big deal about restaurants that really weren't anything special. The buffet was just fine in my opinion and you didn't have to get up with the sun to eat. The food all came from the same kitchen anyway. I was hoping for more traditional Jamaican fare.
During the day we all jumped in a van with Roy Campbell aka Stepper Don. He was very friendly and had plenty of stories about the homes (Ian Fleming, Arthur Ashe, Sean Connery) and beaches on the way to Dunn's River Falls. 14 of us made the trip down to the beach and then up the 940 foot climb. It was pretty steep in places and the guide tried to have everyone holding hands in a line of 18. It is very hard to climb with no hands and by midway we had mutineed and left him behind. I had our camera in a ziplock bag in my pocket and was sure it would be done by the end but the bag held together and the camera survived. The return trip had us hearing more about Jamaica from Stepper as he was waiting for us in the parking lot when we came out. Wedding meals, local fruit, population and so on. He actually lived in Toronto in the 80's but came home after 10 years. Our adventure at the falls was a memorable way to spend our 10,950th day of marriage to say the least. 

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