Don't Look Now

It's snowing again! I waited most of the afternoon for it to warm up a bit and when I got out just before 3 the flakes were already in the air. It was pretty cool for a long ride but I got over to Mission Marsh and ended up with just over 28km. I spent 2 hours on Eyowen on Saturday, cleaning, adding a few links to the chain and running a new rear brake cable. I don't even want to look outside in the morning, guess I'll be hiking it. I'm off to Petrie's for another day of learning in the shop. I'm starting to get more comfortable as I spend more time at it. 

Round 2 of Where in the World, a little farther away this time.


David said...

"A little farther away" is a bit of an understatement on that one. Only by luck that I stumbled upon where that one is while looking for a different trail down there.

Anonymous said...

Interstate 535 - Blatnik Bridge
Duluth, MN - Superior, WS


Ron Kresack said...

I'm not sure that Dave didn't get it but Dad certainly did. Dave you shouldn't be up at 1am reading my blog anyway!

David said...

I was scanning over that area trying to find the start of the Munger Trail and recognized the area. However, I didn't know the bridge name.

I shouldn't have been arriving home from work at 1am!