You'll Need Some Clues This Round

Sal and I have decided to turn some of the back yard into a vegetable garden. We're heading to the library to pick up some books on the subject and so that she can refuel on some more novels. She got a new card last Sunday and devoured 4 novels this week. It's been a long time since she's had the time to read. Our entertainment outside of the tv has been a couple of rented movies. The new Bond 'Quantum of Solace' is pretty decent, lots of action and locales. The new series is lacking a few of the old characters, Q and Moneypenny being most notable but there are far fewer gadgets so his spot isn't really missing and she was aging and of course James never really does. A much better two hours was spent watching and trying to figure out 'Seven Pounds'. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but it was worth the time and periods of frustration to finish. Will Smith has come a long way from his Fresh Prince days.

I got in a nice long ride with Dave Wadson on Thursday night. I'm looking forward to more non-solo rides. Riding alone has its benefits but being able to slow down and talk makes the ks go by. Dave rides a Trek hybrid so Jill is a pretty good match but I had Eyowen so I had to work a bit to keep up. We took in Mission Marsh and as far west as the new Parkdale bike path, about 35 km on a cool but clear evening. I'm slowly getting my mileage up after almost giving up on getting anywhere near my goal for the month. Hopefully I'll finish with about 700 km, a bit shy of the goal but higher than I expected a week ago.

Work seems to be picking up finally so 4 day weeks may be over and none too soon. We got in another reline job from a ship last week and have 4 bands to complete. I finished the first on Saturday morning and have about 6 hours in so far. I'm achy all over as the work is all done with hand tools and muscles that apparently don't get used too often.  


Anonymous said...

Mike and Mel's place.
Nice try!

Ron Kresack said...

Wow he's good, time to get a little devious I guess.

David said...

YOU had to work to keep up?! I was the one struggling back over the Mission Island bridge with you far in the distance! My legs felt like jello going up that one the second time around!

How was your Sunday ride? You were spotted heading down High Street. I got out earlier and went up to Parkdale and back...was a nice cold breeze all the way home. Hope you beat the rain!