Jill 2 Dogs 0

Got out both today and Saturday for about 50km each. Saturday's loop featured two encounters with the canine species. The first on city Road as a medium sized dog came streaking from behind me across the road and almost got hit by a car coming from from behind. He looped behind me and then came by for another pass but I clicked down one gear and came out of the saddle for a brief sprint and left him behind. The next was on the new path to Parkdale as I was coming in off the highway. There was almost nobody on the path which is rare and just as I came close to the end there was one fellow walking his dog. At the last second the pooch decided there was something interesting on the other side of the path and I faced a leash stretched across the path between dog and owner. Not a big deal just jump on the brakes, except when clipped into the pedals an unplanned sudden stop has normally meant a new bruise on the hip. This time I reacted without thinking and as the brakes came on my foot was turning out to release and I came to a safe stop and simply put the foot down until the apologetic dog owner wrangled in the curious dog. 
I made it out to Wild Goose today in about 45 minutes and then turned and discovered the crosswind was more of a tail wind and would be a headwind all the way home.
AJ's Dodgers picked up where they left off last season thumping the A's 13-4 in the season opener at basball central. 

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