Not Much To Say

I've been pretty quiet for more than a week now, not too much to say I guess. May ended with weather that was still cool and my distance goal like a distant speck on the horizon. I'm a mere 38 kilometres ahead of 2008. Not sure what it is that keeps me from getting out more, maybe the cooler weather, maybe the fact that Sal is home. She never complains when I do decide to head out but it just feels wrong sometimes.

We leave for Conquer Cancer and Toronto in a week. Sal picked up an air mattress for the tenting so the worst memory of last year should be erased. She is working Crew agains but hopes to be on a bus from Hamilton to Niagara that will get to the finish line before I do, that will make all the difference in the world. Donations will top $3000 by this weekend. We booked a hotel for Friday and Sunday and will be heading home on Monday. The room wasn't too expensive until you add in the parking. It's even closer to China town so we'll make a stop there before we hit the road, we won't go too far on Monday as I imagine I'll be tired. Jill is in at Petrie's for a wheel straightening and she got a cleanup and some adjustments before I dropped her off. I'm hoping for one more longish ride on Sunday before tapering off until day one.

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