First Crash

I've spent most of the weekend scoring and announcing a Little League Tournament but took time out to have my first crash. I left the diamond to go home for a bit between games and while climbing up the East End bridge Molly's chain broke as I was standing to push her up. I went down over the bars and held her up for a bit. Wasn't going too fast when I hit the pavement and other than a sore knee and some minor road rash everything seems fine. I got over the bridge and then paddled with one leg and the chain in my hand to get home, ate, changed bikes and went back. I'll probably be stiff in the morning but it could have been a whole lot worse I guess. Have to take the chain into Farzum and get his opinion as to why it let go. It's a heavy single speed chain so that really should not happen, or maybe these old legs just have so much power that something had to give.

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