Tour on the Brain

Sunday was another ride out to Mom & Dad's. A new record as I covered the 56 km in 2 hours and 12 minutes thanks to some roadie's on 61 and having the tour on the brain. One passed me and commented "you're really moving on that thing". That 'thing' being Bridget. If not for the gravel of Sturgeon Bay Road I'd have taken Jill and maybe Mr. Arrogant wouldn't have had the chance to pass at all as even with the extra weight and heavy tires of a mountain bike I was on his tail for quite a while. Then he decided to take a drink of water and spit it out over his shoulder splashing my knees in the process. I guess he figured he had left me far behind. When he started clearing his nose I decided to quit pushing to hold onto his wake.

On the road in I kept naming the climbs a la Tour de France. Col du Carroll, Col de Beaver Pond, Col du Beaver Pond deux, Col du Walker Road, Col du Gravel Pit. I crested Col du Gravel Pit doing 14kmh where normally I'm struggling with granny at about 4kmh. It sure made the climbs easier, that and finally having the extra muscles to pull up on the pedals with my shoes. We all had a great day and my big salad with maple mustard dressing seemed to be a hit (credit for the dressing to the Angry Trout in Grand Marais).

The only disappointment of the day was seeing Tom Watson let the Open slip through his grasp. Sure would have been nice to watch. My best tv golf memory is Jack Nichlaus winning the Masters at 46 in 1986, Tom might have topped it. Maybe next year.

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