Day 5-09

Poppy seed bread (told it's called kolache and very good for the heart!), banana and coffee. Cheese, triscuits, granola bar and water. Chicken taco soup, rice corn bread and water. Cereal mix, beef jerkey. 8km on Bridget.

It's been a weird day. I put out an email asking for administrative help with Northwood along with a request from the mother of the player who passed away for pictures of her daughter. I got back some video and a couple of shots. The dad works for the sponsor so they really want a picture of her in the uniform, it was her first year of hockey and she played just 3 games. I also got back some positive results from people who may actually want to get involved. Tomorrow I have 4 hours of timekeeping then another at the Gardens for Northwood games. Going to be a popsicle by the end of the day.

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