Impreza Puts Fun Back Into Driving

I guess too many years with vans, suvs and trucks had made driving a chore. The Dakota went back today so the Impreza becomes the number one ride. (Easy girls we're talking cars here). I've always liked smaller cars and most specifically the imports. It handles like it's on rails, has a very peppy 2.5 engine and best of all during the cold snap, warms up rapidly. It's a blast to drive around town getting things done, small enough to park quickly and easily.

We have almost everything ready for Christmas. The tree is up but not yet adorned with lights or baubles, guess I'll tackle that tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a good long break.

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Doug said...

My wife has put 168,000 miles on her Subaru Forester. She's hoping it will last forever, she loves that car.