Putting on the Layers

I started walking to work as soon as the snow fell. The last few mornings have been pretty cool but I just keep adding layers as the mercury disappears in the bottom of the thermometer. I got called in to do a couple of bantam games on Wednesday. The older divisions get two man timekeeping crews so the pace is pretty relaxed, at least until the ref starts doling out misconducts like Santa hands out candy canes. Met and worked with a very nice young LU student who plays junior hockey and timekeeps for some extra cash. Got to work at the Gardens so it was even warm.

Got up at 6:15 this morning and AJ was studying. Looked like he had been at it a while, empty mug beside the desk and instant coffee jar on the counter. He's getting serious and what I've seen of his marks it's paying off.

A combination of stat days, holiday remains and workshare days leaves me with just 3 more days of work before the New Year. Hopefully it warms up a touch.

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