The New Ride

With the lease on the Dakota running out (finally) next month we started seriously looking for a new vehicle. I wandered across the street last Thursday to the Subaru dealer and ran into one of the mechanics who is a really good customer. He towed me through the shop and located a salesman, before I knew it I had an overnight test drive. The '07 Impreza 2.5 Wagon is the perfect size for me but I wan't sure about Sal who is accustomed to riding higher since all we've had in recent decades has been a van or truck. I went for a long test ride before she came home from work and found the newport blue pearl all wheel drive had everything we need. Better gas mileage, super reliable, fun to drive and not bad looking (even if AJ doesn't agree). Once Sal got home we took it out and to my surprise she seemed to like it. I did some online research and was impressed by everything I read. I took it back Friday and made arrangements for Saturday morning and we finished up the deal. The car was traded for another bigger Subaru the day I first walked over, has only 32000km and we got a bumper to bumper warranty through 2014 so we'll know our vehicle costs every month.

The Northwood kids and parents (210) all took in the Thunderwolves game last night and they had a blast. The game was lost in a shootout but by then they were all ready for bed anyway. I talked the team's management into a moment of silence before the game for the player that passed away last month and every kid is now wearing a decal with her number on their helmets. We found one good picture and a dvd of one of her games after the family requested a picture of her in her hockey gear. The team pictures were taken 2 weeks too late.

Rather than posting hundreds of pictures here I opened another blog called Travels with a Tailwind for rambling about flight simulator.

No I haven't posted my food intake, that just didn't keep me out of the fridge. But I have tapered it and started walking and riding Ethel just about daily. Control seems to be returning.

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