Merry Christmas '09

Another Christmas is upon us, complete with snow, rain and wind. Sal is busy making cabbage rolls for supper tonight. No not the M&M heat 'em ups, the boiling and rolling real deal. There's even a special batch with caraway seeds for me. I think I'm going to keep that girl.

Our Christmas Eve plans were altered slightly by the weather. Instead of making the trek to Blake Hall (the big gym as Ginko calls it) we all rerouted to my sister's place. Everyone had a great time, especially all the little kids who just don't get together often enough. Thanks for saving Christmas sis! The two hams in the pic were inseparable all night.

Fingers and toes are crossed around town hoping that flights will come in today as Mike & Mel are scheduled to arrive this afternoon. Spending the day in an airport would really be a downer.

I'm all set for cold weather walking or riding, Sal got me a sweet hat.

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Jen said...

That definitely is one sweet hat. I think its a fashion must to wear the Oaks with it.