New Source of Energy

I witnessed the exchange of at least a dozen Snuggies (4 million sold in 3 months) or their clones the Slanket, the Nuddle, the Cozies, the Cuddlies (who knows how many more!) over the holidays. Across North America there is a new, cheap source of electric power. Just hook up a battery and every time grandma heads off to the kitchen or bathroom the static discharged by the removal of the 'blanket with sleeves' could power a tv through the next commercial break. Better yet, we could power up all those Slap Chops into Zap Chops. The next twist in the viral blanket market is expected to be 'team' Snuggies, I can't wait for the Bears version. When the Leafs Snuggie comes out they'll have to open a new factory solely to produce enough cheap blue fabric to keep up, we can just forget about wind, solar and hydro-electric power. Save the Norwesters, buy your neighbour a Snuggie and a case of beer.

I went to Petrie's early this morning and assisted in the making of two new wheels for Molly. Gone are the rusting, heavy, steel rimmed originals. Now with aluminum rims, new hubs and spokes she'll be more reliable, lighter and have brakes that work. Time to strip off all the components and give her some new paint.

Had a nice dinner with Mike, Mel and the Merciers last night. Then went back to their place to witness the miracle in Chicago on the high-def big screen. Me in my Payton jersey amongst a family of Viking fans. It worked, guess I'll have to wear one for every game.

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