Almost Back

The Dell is almost back to 100% operational, almost. I trashed the registry somehow and had to get remote help from the Dell folks to get Windows back. Could have done the re-install myself but I had a file that wasn't backed up that I required. I wanted to do it anyway but was not as prepared as I would have liked. I now have a bootable linux cd in case anything like that happens again. Backing up regularly, which I do, does not save all the programs you have installed so that is the biggest headache. I have a few things left to re-install, flight-sim being the biggest and nastiest to deal with.

I attended the second meeting of the Active Transportation/Education committee yesterday and I have to say the ideas coming out of the group are very progressive. If we can get even 1/3 of them implemented Thunder Bay will see big change. Some of the proposals seem so far off the wall for a small city (rent-a-bike like Paris/Montreal) but there is money out there to make it happen so we'll see. I'd be happy just to see some more trails and bike lanes for getting around town. The first bike lanes open this spring so it should be interesting to see how it goes over.

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