Canada's Game, Play It

Seems to me that Team Canada was good for the last 4 minutes of the gold medal game when they threw caution to the wind and desperation took control. Prior to that they played a game that was timid, over disciplined and definitely not the style of game we have come to expect or more accurately, demand. Do you remember even one big hit, that tone sending crunch that might result in a penalty but surely sends the message to keep the noggin up? Me neither. Remember the guy who got Phaneuffed in '05? Sure you do. Remember when Sweden's hot defenseman Hedman got hit early in a game against Canada and then developed an allergy to the puck? Me too. Canada has to play Canada's game Canada's way or we're just another bunch of Ovechkin wannabes trying to toedrag our way into the spotlight. How many times did you yell "shoot the puck" or "hit the GD net"? I lost count. Too cute and not enough grit. That's my two cents.

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