And On It Goes

My latest attempt at a cartoon, It Must Be Zamboni Dust. 

Nothing much new to say. Northwood is into playoffs and along with that goes the usual change in attitude for some. We've had issues with one goalie being too young all season and it came to a head, he just didn't want to play anymore so we asked for help from other teams and they refused. Had to put my foot down after he started crying when asked to go back into the net for the playoffs. Everyone says they understand. I'm just calling him injured.

Work hasn't changed much, slower if that's possible. It almost feels strange to go in anymore. Can't get used to that, not ready to retire mentally or financially. I can honestly say I spend more time with hockey commitments now than I do at my paying job.

I spent an hour wrestling with Molly's new front wheel and fork this afternoon. They didn't want to go together. After carefully filing the fork for a bit I tried my dremel-clone and then just put a 3.8 drill bit into my electric drill and used the edge to hone out the fork so the axle would fit in. I'm anxious to get out. As soon as my back is ready it's time to hit the road.

I finally got to Vancouver on my cross Canada flight. Haven't had much free time for flying lately. One more hop to Victoria and that project will be done. I have learned to use the radios for navigation and don't even turn on the gps very often.

Time to check out some olympics. If you haven't heard Tigers press conference, he's sorry. I felt especially bad for his mother when they showed her sitting in the front row. He should do something special if and when he returns to playing, like donate his winnings, all of them.

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