Ask Me Again.. Why Do You Do It?

It was only 8 1/2 km but getting back on a bike for the first time in weeks felt so good. I was determined to ride over to the rink today. I've been itching to try out Molly (of the new wheels) but with slick tires she was an iffy choice. I went into the basement and couldn't decide. Molly finally won. I walked out the ice covered back lane and got on once I reached dry pavement. Down Ogden to Simpson and then around down town for a bit. The low gearing makes it pretty tough to get moving but provides lots of speed. Everything felt the same. No not the same as my last ride, I mean my hands hurt, my butt hurt and my legs hurt. But I was smiling all the way.

Then I got to the rink. Disallowed goals, goals that should have been disallowed. Coaches that haven't lost since early December whining about refs. Parents abusing volunteers. Kids supposed to be shaking hands throwing punches. Two weeks to go. Then I'm going to hop on that bike and never look back. At least til next fall. And the answer to why do I do it. Right now I can't answer that because I'm asking the same question.

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Anonymous said...

It's not cause you have to, but you want to. You're doing it for the kids, or most of them anyway.