Gold Overshadowed

Just wonderful, our hockey team struggles and we win gold in ice dancing? Those two kids were awesome but will the country accept anything less than a medal for men's hockey? Poor Stevie Y is going to take a lot of second guess based abuse for his picks. So far the ones that were questioned like Drew Doughty have played very well. Some of the old shoe-ins, like Chris Pronger, have played sub-par at best. Just not enough speed in those legs anymore.

My Flight Sim-Cross Canada trip is done. I landed a Witman Tailwind in Victoria BC yesterday afternoon. I have to recount all of the stops but managed the entire trip which started in mid-September with one landing that was in snow short of the runway but 0 crashes. Along the way I used the most realistic settings, radio navigation rather than gps, and actual weather conditions. Next up? Around the world with landings in as many countries as have airports. I'm back to the base scenery since the great pc crash of Jan2010 but the net-based satellite feed is too slow to go around the world anyway.

I got to inform the 110 teams of Lakehead Minor yesterday that there are no affiliations (call ups) in the playoffs. It's a rule that has been on the books for at least 10 years. What about my goalie who is away at the Olympics? We only have one goalie, what if he gets sick? Sorry boys that's why you pick 2 goalies. Consideration is only given to teams with a season ending injury for the netminder and only if pre-approved. My inbox got full in a big hurry.

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