The Weeeeek

Playoff time in Tbay. My weeeeek (yes it was that long) has been spent emailing the LMHL exec regarding a AA goalie in Vancouver for the Olympics. Rules say no pick ups, coach says he didn't know. It finally came down to having an online motion, seconder, comments and now a vote as to whether to allow a pickup. The coach admitted he had the handbook and I spoke to the father of the goalie that might be the pickup who said the team knew the kids was to be missing before they even drafted him.

Speaking of Olympics, what a week for the Canucks. Things have sure turned a 180 as we picked up golds in a some unexpected events, bobsledding? The womens hockey team did a great job last night and the mens team finally cashed in on some of the chances they were getting. If you didn't have a tear in the eye when the figure skater who lost her mom earlier in the week won bronze, you must be from Iceland.

For my world flight I stepped up to a bit quicker ride, the Epic Dynasty, a single engine turboprop with loads of electronic gadgets. So far I've made one hop from Victoria to Portland Oregon, follow along at the Epic Journey blog.

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