Feeling It

I haven't felt too good about myself for a while now. Not exercising anywhere near enough, eating too much, putting on weight, knowing it and not doing much about it. After dim sum with Jen and Curtis, some groceries and a Shoppers stop I went for a ride. It was about 11 degrees and gorgeous. The little kid 2 doors down was out without a shirt. I pumped up the Continentals, adjusted the front brake on Molly and put her outside. I changed and was on my way, looking for dry pavement. I headed west to Rosslyn then up 130 to Oliver, down Golf Links and home. Just under 40km. Rosslyn Road on an old steel frame is pure torture. Molly's gearing is low. Getting her moving is tough and climbing any sort of hill is a chore. But once you get her moving she flies. Quietly. And she seems to roll forever. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow but right now feels pretty good.

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