This Is It, I Hope

I was stunned when I went looking for a pair of shorts early this week. I found two things, the shorts and the fact that I couldn't get my fat butt into them. That was the turning point I hope. I just can't figure out what's been going on in my head. Lying in bed I would think, no more, I just can't keep eating like I have been. And the next day I'd do it all over again. Wednesday I just stopped, and haven't eaten anything but small meals since. The cravings just seem to be gone. I'm just hoping they stay gone. More time on the bikes will help. I've been out every day this week, made my first ride out to Mission Marsh on Wednesday (no deer sightings, strange). I'm not worrying about logging every km, I'm just going to enjoy riding. I'm seriously thinking about joining the cycling club and at least having some company to pedal with on occasion. They start up at the end of the month so I'll have to make up my mind soon.

Work is about the same, quiet business-wise but busy for me. We had another big job come in from a lake boat that is going to take hours, not my favourite but we can't be choosy. The schedule is all over the place but at least if the weather continues to improve (he said as the snow starts falling) I can get out and take advantage.

I'm no longer the president of the East End Little League. I finally told them I'd had enough. I'll keep doing the books and some computer work, that or they slip back into the dark ages, but I don't mind that end at all.

Brandyn has been over a few mornings this week. He and Sal were playing tic-tac-toe. "If I go there, you'll go there, if I go here you'll go there. Why are you making this so difficult?" He comes up with some good ones. I can honestly say I haven't run into many kids with the manners he has. He's all geared up for t-ball.

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