Go West Old Man

Plans for Calgary (and now Vancouver!) are coming together. We both have the time off and have a room booked in Brandon for the night of the 1st. It will be a couple of long days driving but great to get away for a bit. Checking out the massive amount of bike paths and singletrack in Calgary is interesting. There's a provincial park about 20 minutes from Mike and Mel's back door with more than 50 miles of trails. Better raise the seat up on Mel's bike and get your legs in shape Mike, we're going for a ride or 2.

My energy was still up today. Took the long way to and from work with a medium route at lunch. After supper I headed out through town to the far side of Westfort on Molly. A strong headwind made the outgoing part of the loop tough, Molly's 48-16 gearing is a b***h. The return was much more enjoyable. New saddles have cleared customs so I should have a smoother ride by sometime next week.

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