Tinkering With CPAP

I'm not sure if messing with my CPAP settings last night has anything to do with it yet but I took a 'no destination' ride tonight for the first time in a long while. My thinking is that with putting on some weight the prescribed pressure setting was too low and I might have been having some low level apnea episodes. Not severe enough to have me nodding off at traffic lights but enough to where my energy for extra activity was just missing. I've been reading lots and often have to munch on something so that I don't snooze, not abnormal I guess but I can do without the munching.

Eowyn has benefited recently from the donated gift card I was given by the Northwood parents. All used parts but definite upgrades. Front wheel, tires, stem and hopefully a new 'old' crank soon. I ordered from ebay for the first time ever, picking up some Giant decals, and she looks almost complete. I sawed off 2 inches from the On One Mary handlebars and have a saddle on the way. Building her up is a big incentive to get out and ride more.

My new plan for Northwood registration seems to be working. I have 6 kids signed for next season. Bingo participation is up and people seem to be happy with the setup so far. Over at Lakehead Minor we're putting in a new constitution and I think the group is finally all on the same page.

Sal and I have tentatively set the first couple of weeks in July as holiday time so we're planning a trip to Calgary. We've decided to take the Impreza as airmile bookings are already filled for the summer months. Once we hit the divided highway Sal says she'll help with the driving. We'll hit in time for the Stampede and maybe even find a few days in BC. Now if I can just find a way to stow a bike so I can do some riding out there.

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