Long Way To Go To Watch A Game

I was all ready to send an email to Northwood parents as one of our former players (and current ref) was in Regina for the Women's Canadian Midget Championship. I watched most of the third period and she never got on the ice. That has to be devastating. I almost hope she was injured. The Thunder Bay Queen's won the game 4-3 over Notre Dame. 

I got out for another hour on Eowyn late this afternoon. Went out through the LU campus and back. No dozing even while reading lying down so there must be something to the CPAP settings fix. I can't wait for the chance to hit some of the trails in Calgary, riding around TBay is all been there done that, infinutm.


David said...

No...once again the coaches gave her a token shift in the first period and then left her on the bench for the rest of the game. If you really are worthy to be coaching a national championship team, you ought to be able to explain to a kid, that you picked to be on the team, why they aren't good enough to be put on the ice.

Rob said...

Yes, a learning year for her and the worst coaches and year she has ever had. It's nice to win gold but it is a hollow feeling. Coaches told a few players on the team that they are nothing more than cheerleaders and are there to give the more "talented" players a break when needed. Many girls on the team were crying in the dressing room at one point or another about their lack of ice time both at the provincial championships and the nationals. This coach does have quite the reputation, he did the same thing with the team last year, but the team was not nearly as talented and they lost in the quarter finals at provincials playing basically five players to death. He also did it while coaching the Bantam AAA Kings for one year a few years ago. The Kings got wise and gave him the boot.

It is worth noting that this group of girls (born 93/94) have been winning championships during summer hockey tournaments for a while now, without shortening the bench. Everyone involved in girls hockey knew this was a very strong group, these coaches just lucked out in having the team this year. It's not like they took and rag-tag bunch of girls and coached them to glory. If there were different coaches they probably would have won by a much larger margin than they did.

What's really funny is that T Bay beat Notre Dame 5-2 in round robin play with the top defenceman not playing due to sickness and tournament MVP Kaitlyn Tougas leaving game in first period injured when T Bay was down 1-0 in first period. Coaches had no choice but to use all players and T Bay outscored Notre Dame 5-1 balance of game. Shorten the bench and it is 4-3.

Here's hoping the Queens executive gets wise and gives these guys the boot also!!

Ron Kresack said...

If the 'cheerleader' comment was actually voiced in the dressing room or on the bench I'd say that is a 'speak out' issue at least. Kids don't come out to practice, sweat and work their butts off to be cheerleaders.

Rob said...

I have a meeting set up with the president of the Queens organization on Wednesday morning. We'll see how that goes.

There were complaints from a few parents of last years team but not sure if they were brought forward to the executive or not. Problem is there is no where else to play AA Midget Hockey for girls in Thunder Bay unless they move, so they have everyone by the short curlys. Parents who support their daughters playing at a high level of hockey are afraid to speak out as he could cut them in tryouts and there is no where else to play. If this team was located in Southern Ontario there would be a mass exodus to another organization.

And yes...the term "cheerleaders" was used a few times during the season towards the "less talented" players.