Watch Out Deer, You Could Be Next

I got another hour and a half in the saddle this morning as I took Jill over to Mission Marsh. The wind which was blowing every evening this week was strong this morning and as I write this has died down this evening. Coming down the bridge by the Thunder Center into the wind I never made 30 kph while with the wind at my back on the flat stretch I was easily doing that without even going into the big ring. Oddly there wasn't even one deer in sight, must have heard what we were having for supper.

We picked up a few elk steaks from Rainy River Elk Co. at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. Added some salad (with excellent home-made cornbread croutons) and a wild rice concoction. Elk is very lean so we had to be careful not to overcook it. Basically tastes like beef. Can't say we'd get it again but it was worth a try. Brandyn came by for a bit this afternoon, practiced some batting and then took off with his buddies.

Off to watch the Amazing Race, Go Cowboys!

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