Old Parts and New Work

I went over to Petrie's this morning to cannibalize a bike that had very few good parts but the crank was just what I was looking for and free if I wanted to do the work. Farzum helped get the chainline straight and with the inside knowledge that he has in spades. Eowyn now has a great aluminum crank with a 38 tooth ring that will let me climb most any hills on the trails in Calgary. The new saddles came in and are installed but I'm not sold on them just yet. There was a buzz in the shop this morning about lack of help so I talked to Tom for a bit and I start Wednesday. Even if I just work for parts it's money I don't have to spend and a reason to get up in the morning and get moving. I know I can learn a bunch and probably pass on some computer stuff they don't have. They're a fun bunch to work with and the kind of business that I can be proud to be even a small part of.

Tonight I went over to Delaney for a meeting about the Bike Rodeos happening on May 1st and 15th. I volunteered to help out. There were at least 20 people on hand so it should be a good day for the grade 5's that are intended to come out.

How about those H***! I won't say I'm pulling for them since we know what happened last time I admitted that I was in their corner. Has anyone else ever seen 3 unsportsmanlike diving calls against one team?

Today I am fatter than yesterday.

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