The Chair

My first day at Petrie's was pretty productive and the shop is a fun environment to work in. There are characters coming in and out of the place all day. Tuned up 4 bikes and started another. Lots of things to learn, lots of grease to clean. My only hangup is not being sure and having to wait to ask a question when Farzam is busy, and Farzam is always busy. In brakes alone there are about 4 different major types and then a good dozen variations of each. I need something to fill the void when I can't finish a task. Some of the bikes are in such terrible shape and everything needs to be fixed or replaced but I'm never sure how far to go, how deep the pockets are. At least when I'm done with one now I can see a major improvement in the condition.  Back again Friday.

One event that was big was the destruction of the chair. Tom bought a barber chair in 1964 from the barber shop that closed next door. It' s been sitting right across from Farzam's workbench forever. A couple and their 10 year old girl came in and as the parents were looking at a bike the girl slammed herself into the conversation piece and broke the cast steel frame in three places. Not even a word of apology from anyone. They may not have realized the shock we were all in. That chair, weird as it may seem, has been a centerpiece for nearly 50 years. I've seen lots of customers sitting in it as their multi-thousand dollar bikes were assembled or repaired. Hopefully a welder that can tackle cast can be found to fix it.

At least I haven't jinxed the H***s yet. On the winning goal I actually reacted with a quick fist pump. I guess I really don't like Ovechkin. I guess we know who's shaking now. Can anyone see the H***s running around their own end for 45 minutes a game and coming out on top for another 4 games? Against the Penguins?

Wednesday I got skinnier, today was a draw.

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