One Horse Rodeo

Friday I was back at Petries getting frustrated by a piece of junk that someone wanted repaired. I wanted to put it and myself out of our collective misery. Nothing worked and without a major investment was ever going to work again. Myself, I would have retired the bike. Towards the end of the day electricians came in to change the ballasts and bulbs so the shop came to a standstill. Shortly after that a flood of people came in to claim their repaired bikes thankfully. There's nowhere near enough room to store bikes once they are repaired and people who are in a RUSH somehow don't show up for weeks. Tom sent a customer my way to write up a service tag so I guess he wants me to do more than adjust brakes and clean chains.

Saturday I went to Delaney to help out with a Bike Rodeo intended for 10 year olds. I assisted with the setup and then manned the Petries tent giving free basic tune-ups. Four bike shops all had tools and supplies ready to get participants into at least safe condition. Unfortunately there were more volunteers for the event than kids participating. It was clear that word never got out to enough parents. The kids that did come got a free tune-up, won prizes and had some fun learning some new skills. Another is being held in the north ward in 2 weeks and hopefully the promotion is better managed.

Brandyn stayed over last night. We had fund playing some games, watched a bit of Star Wars, pizza for supper and generally just goofed off til it was time for bed. I tried to at least teach him something on the computer while we searched for flash games, how to 'google'. Have to be careful with that as you never know what can pop out of the twisted mind of someone and end up in a search result.

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