Mike leaves for Victoria BC today on a 5 day sailing trip around the Gulf Islands on SALTS with 24 students and 2 fellow teachers. The hardest part for him will be missing the Canucks games as there are no electronics allowed. He can bring his phone so he'll know the score but that'll be it. Ahh, the price you have to pay to sail on a tall ship for 5 days. Enjoy you lucky so and so...

I got out for 40km on Sunday with Jill. Not a great day for a ride because of the wind which just won't go away lately. That and my shorts keep irritating me. I did my good deed for the week helping a kid with a chain that had overshifted into the spokes of a bike he was trying to ride home from fishing. His chain was so dry I barely got my hands dirty. There sure are a lot of abused and neglected bikes out there.

I spent the day at Petries again today. Overhauled another 3 bikes and with another guy just about caught up on the repairs. I'm pretty much on my own other than the odd question but I'm still getting the worst case bikes. That's the way to learn I guess.

I'm going to try this again. No x- just put it out there.
week 1/1 - 260
2 pieces of toast, grapefruit juice, banana, 2 coffee, 2 lemonaid, (the best) spaghetti meatballs and sausage, hm buns

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