2 Assembled 1 Saved

Half a day at FCD and half at Petries today. With repairs finally caught up I got to assemble 2 new bikes. First a Marin Stinson EZ Step (a path bike) and a Felt F75 road bike. The Marin went along fine until I came to the front derailleur. I just could not get it right. Finally got some help. The only other bike in the shop waiting for assembly had 'carbon' all over it. Nathan told me not to be afraid so into the box I went. Carefully went through everything and then Farzam took over to setup the shifting and share more secrets. Once I get my hands on something and understand how it works I seem to be able to think it through, just watching it done doesn't cut it for me. One of the other guys was packing bike boxes with garbage and sealing them and I gave him a hand to haul them outside. He joked that it's funny they had never thrown out a new bike. Not 5 minutes later as I grabbed one of the boxes I noticed how heavy it was and looked inside and saw nothing but the shine of a new cluster of gears. Sure enough the box had been damaged in shipping and resealed with tape making it look like one of the garbage-filled ones but actually contained a new bike. People regularly go through the garbage they put out so it would probably have disappeared overnight and wouldn't have been missed for a while inside. I guess I earned my keep today.

the Felt F75

week 1/3
2 pcs toast, banana, 2 coffee, 2 spring rolls, salad, water
week 1/2
2 pcs toast, banana, coffee, cheese, 2 hm buns, steamed rice w/pasta sauce, 5 strawberries, water and a beer

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