Yes Virgina, Work Can Be Fun

It's been a long time since I went to bed looking forward to my next day of work.  A long time since work was fun. I spent 12 hours at Petries today, 10 working and 2 hanging out after. Not all of the work is fun. It can be frustrating, not knowing exactly what's next or how to pull it off even when I do know. Being in 'Farzam limbo' used to drive me crazy. But those times when I can't do anything because I have to wait for help or instructions or a decision are getting less and less often. I'm slowly learning enough to move on to something else until the wait is over. I still hate front derailleurs but love the whole experience. A repair can be going straight into the toilet and then something or someone comes along, we have a laugh or coffee and a  cookie or maybe a piece of garlic sausage and talk about the hockey game last night. I see at at least 3 people I know from outside the shop every day and it's okay to stop and talk to them. This may never be a permanent thing but it sure is a breath of fresh air.

week 1/4
toast, banana, 3 coffee, 3 pb cookies, 2 slices garlic sausage, handful chocolate raisins, pot roast with carrots, corn and potatos, clamato juice

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