So Tempting

It seemed like a good day when I got a green light at the Harbour, something that rarely happens. That was the highlight. Went to FCD a bit early only to get chewed out for this and that, and was offered to do shop work only if I want to leave and go elsewhere. How nice. If I leave to go elsewhere I won't be coming back anytime soon, least of all to do shop work where a customer is charged up to 7 1/2 times my wage.

Went over to Superior Bowl and met with minor baseball coaches to draft teams and then home to read and relax. Caught a bit of the hockey game. Had a bit of clicking while riding Molly around tonight. The chain-ring bolts had come loose, not sure how that happened but shes good to go again. Got some nice looks today as I rode around in shorts with a toque under my helmet, especially from Sal.

week 1/5
toast, 2 bananas, coffee, jalapeno gouda, 2 hm buns, clamato juice, granola bar, 3 peanut butter cookies, 1 beer, strawberries, pot roast, potato and corn, diet pepsi

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