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Sal and I headed over to the Farmer's Market this morning to look for something new to try. We had breakfast there and for $7.50 had toast, a great ham and cheese omelette, potatoes and coffee. They were all out of bison steaks so we picked up some mild italian (bison) sausage and some freshly made fire roasted pasta. She left me a message after she got to work saying that if I felt 'adventurous' I could try and make the sauce recipe she has been using lately, courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. So my 'adventurous bison sausage sauce' is simmering away right now. It won't be as good as Sal's but it tastes ok so far.

Mike is back home and has posted a few pix on the blog, well Mel probably did. Can't wait to get the whole story.

week 1/6
omelette, potatoes, toast, 2 coffee, banana, clamato juice, fresh fire roasted pasta with adventurous bison sausage sauce, wine

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