Sal's New Ride

For her upcoming birthday and Mother's Day I had picked out a bike for Sal. This morning we loaded Sherman onto the rack on the car and took the heavyweight in to trade or sell and she tried out a Felt Cafe 7. She was thinking about an Urbana but she took an immediate liking to this far lighter and easy riding comfort bike. Comes complete with mug holder, bell and kickstand. Now I just have to get her out there.

While she was at work I went to Mom and Dad's for supper with Jen Curtis and the Ginko. I've never seen him eat so much. 2 slices of bread and then pasta WITH (News Flash!!!) sauce, and then he asked for more...twice. We have to get that sauce recipe. He was smacking around the tennis balls with his bat and I pity the coach who has to toss t-balls to him in games, he better wear a cup.

Week 1/7
banana, 3 pb cookies, 4 coffee, dim sum, salad, 1 cooler, pasta and meatballs, 2 sl. bread, cheese cake

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Jen said...

Nice ride! I would have gone for pink though.