A Good Week

Just a quick post as I'm starting to doze off watching tv. First full week of work in months and with a bit more care of what I ate, -6 pounds. I added a mile walk in the morning before work today. Hope to keep that up and get back to where I was last year before we go to Calgary.

Sal and I did a half hour ride with her new bike tonight. Hope she likes it. Assembled a Felt Brougham today, nice and simple, well priced.

Week 2/1 254
toast, banana, 2 coffee, 2 hm muffins, salmon steak, pasta salad, clamato juice, carrots, strawberries, diet pepsi

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sally kresack said...

I love my new ride! Thank you again! Maybe with these newer wheels I'll get out more and back into shape as well!