Cold One

It was a cold ride home in the rain tonight. I had my rain suit so I was dry but my hands were frozen, the combo of wind temps and rain was brutal. Good thing I had Eowyn as the head wind going east was pretty strong. I finally got a seatpost that is long enough and she rides like a dream now. She's all ready for pictures and the Cyclofiend Singlespeed Gallery.

Go H**s. I can't believe they've knocked off the top two teams and players. Goes to show what a team effort can do.

Week 2/4
toast, banana, 3 coffee, 2 meatloaf sandwiches, 2 granola bars, carrots, clamato juice, diet 7up, lobster and rice
Week 2/3
toast, banana, 2 coffee, 2 pcs kolache, meatloaf, fries and corn, clamato juice, carrots, , cheese, diet pepsi
Week 2/2
toast, banana, 2 coffee, cheese and soda crackers, 2 clamato juice, pasta and sauce, carrots, diet pepsi

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