Nice and Easy

Ginko slept over Friday night. He wanted to play t-ball but it was wet and besides he hits the ball too far for our yard. We watched a bit of Avatar but his heart was set on games so we did that for a while. Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market to have breakfast but waffles didn't fill his pancake hankering. We came home and played catch for a bit but he wanted to bat. He was back later in the day when Curtis went for stitches and we found some new games that had him giggling.

Sal and I took along ride out through Parkdale and to her parents and then home. It was a great day. We did some yard work and then went to Boston Pizza for her birthday supper. She's having the kids over for a quick bbq tomorrow as she works on the actual day of. Now I get to be younger for 3 months.

Week 2/7
toast, banana, 2 coffee, kolache, chipotle chicken salad, iced tea and spinach dip, ships and diet 7up
Week 2/6
omellette, coffee, potato, carrots, clamato juice, salmon and fries, diet 7up
Week 2/5
toast, banana, 2 coffee, 3 lemon squares, meatloaf wrap, bowl nacho chips, clamato juice, hickory sticks, diet 7up

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Ron Kresack said...

It was a great day! No real set plans just a day to do what we wanted to do without any agendas. Don't get too many of those opportunites but maybe we can set aside Sundays for our weekly bike rides.