Bike Lanes Launched

I headed over to Bay Street for the opening of the Court St. bike lanes fully intending to volunteer. I offered and nobody gave me a job so I helped man the Petrie's booth and it was a good thing. Nathan picked the perfect bikes for the crowd. While the other 3 shops had a few mountain bikes and a hybrid or two, he brought a dozen. The new line of Electra bikes came in Friday and we had a few started when I left at 6:30, he stayed til 3am finishing them and it paid off. We had one ladies bike that had more test rides alone than the other 3 shops combined. One of them was complaining because we had too much room, though they had at least 100' of curb available to them but they didn't bother going for more bikes to fill it up. Our gang made two trips with two vehicles. The Electra 'Gigi' was drooled over by almost everyone who stopped in. Young and old loved the retro look and colour scheme. In all probably 30 test rides and at least 6 serious customers for the bikes on hand. I have to admit I really like the men's Townie (below). I was surprised that a few people didn't know where Petrie's is.

The event was deemed a success as about 500 people attended with 100 doing the mass ride of the lanes. As I came up Court on the way in there were trucks and a trailer parked in the lane so the education will be and ongoing event.

Week 4/7
3 coffee, dim sum, pork loin, fries, broccoli salad, water, chips and iced tea
Week 4/6
croissants, coffee, sausage, orange spritz, cheese, crackers, pepperoni, 4 pb cookies, pizza, vodka & orange

Week 4/5
toast, 2 coffee, 10 peanut butter cookies, curry, diet 7up, cheesies with Ginko
Week 4/4
toast, coffee, cheese, crackers, water, lemonade, grilled chicken sandwich, fries, frutopia

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