Dandelion Wine Anyone?

Ontario's new ban on chemical weed killers has sure resulted in a fine crop of dandelions. I took a ride to watch Brandyn's t-ball game, and I'm sure they lost a ball or 2 in the knee-deep stems. It was supposed to be worse on Tuesday as they all were white with seeds, which means by next week there will be a multitude more and we may lose a player or two. Not that things wouldn't improve if a few of the totally undisciplined kids on the Red team were to wander into the weeds and never be seen again. A totally unruly bunch, parents keep saying over and over "don't play in the sand" etc. but the kids just keep on creating dust.  People are actually bringing in chemicals from the states and Manitoba. Here's an interesting article that states "In fact, when counting overall nutritional value, the U.S. Agriculture Department puts dandelion ahead of broccoli and spinach." 

Week 4/3
toast, banana, 2 coffee, cheese, crackers, 3 glasses water, rhubarb/strawberry square, salmon, salad, fries, diet 7up
Week 4/2
toast, banana, coffee, 2 rhubarb/strawberry squares, pasta, scone, diet pepsi

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David said...

I am now justified in the deplorable state of my lawn...