Fresh Pasta Anyone?

I sort of lost track of my eating since last week but was surprised on Monday to see another 3 lbs. gone. I'm not going to question it, seems when I think I've done things right I can still gain and if I let go I can still lose. Logic and dieting are never really compatible.

I'm in as secretary for Lakehead Minor for another 2 year term. Everyone on the executive is back so it should be another uneventful couple of years. I really enjoy working with the rest of the executive and most of the problems that nagged the league for years have been solved.

Less than a month before we head west and I'm starting to think about it more and more. Spending some time with Mike and Mel, Kevin and Susan on their turf will be great and I can't wait to get to the mountains.

When I got home from Petrie's tonight there was a pot of sauce on the oven so I made my first batch of fresh pasta. It's tricky to get the mix right but I hope the half hour and the effort are worth it.

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