One Week To Go

I can't believe it's been so long since last posting. Putting up meals everyday got to be a chore. My weight has gone up a couple then down four over the last two Mondays so I'm definitely on the rollercoaster, at 246 this week. We leave on our western adventure next Thursday and are really looking forward to getting away. Hopefully the Trans-Canada is above water and the wet weather moves on.

I received e-mail from Conquer Cancer last week after 4100+ riders collected more than $16 million. I was tempted to jump right on it and sign up but haven't yet. Still might but I'm more nervous about the financial end of fundraising and travel than the actual ride. I'll make up my mind soon, or the spots will be gone.

For father's day Sal and Jen teamed up and gave me a Garmin hand held. I checked out bike mounts and they make one but no stock anywhere. So I went with a new smart phone, Sony Experia X10. It's built on Google's Android platform and does everything from wi-fi to gmail, has an 8mpixel camera, came with 16gig memory card and a ton of things to learn. It multitasks (right now I'm listening to my fav jazz album -Wynton Marsalis, Standard Time Vol. 2) and uploading the pix of a gaggle I rode over on Tuesday). Once Rogers and TBaytel get their stuff together it will be the best of both.

The geese were passing under the bridge on Balmoral as I was going over. There were two huge groups of gosslings and only a few adults. They take over the paths as the males will make hissing charges at anyone passing near. Not to mention the land mines they leave behind.

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