Today's weigh in was another shocker, 242. My last day at Petrie's before the Quest to the West, as I'm dubbing it, and an adventurous one it was. I started out with a pink girls bike complete with tassels on the bars, trued the wheels and set up the brakes, cake. Next a simple flat repair, simple my a**. First of all there was lots of pressure in the tire which is odd if it's flat. I took the wheel out of the frame and the shear weight of it told me it would be full of anti-flat compound, a slimy goo that is supposed to seal small leaks. I pressed on the valve...nothing. So I got out my trusty knife and cut off the valve as I could not get at the tube with the pressure still in it. A sticky, runny liquid like beige latex paint oozed out. I got over a garbage can and let it run. It stopped and I poked it with the knife and a 1 inch high fountain formed as the contents drained. Then it blew. Good thing I was wearing my glasses. So the 'simple' 10 minute flat repair became a 45 minute clean up. Later on I put together a new bike, trued another wheel, boxed a bike for shipping, swept up and called it a day as things had ground to a halt.

I grabbed a bike rack for the Quest to the West as Mike and Mel have decided to make the trip to BC so Eowyn will have somewhere to ride. It hold 3 bikes so Sal and I will be able to take both of our bikes a little further from the house for a ride.

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