Another Day at the Diamond

Just came in from another game behind home plate announcing a little league game. The team representing our league won an exciting game with a 5 run rally in the bottom of the 5th. One more win and they are in the final. It's been a long week of working and then riding through town over to the diamond. Today I got a ride as there wasn't enough time to do it by bike, good thing as I would have been wet by the looks of it.

We are ordering new carpet tomorrow, finally. Sears has a pretty good sale on and we met with their carpet guy who had plenty of knowledge and advice, too bad he is a little behind in the tech department. The man needs a cell phone.

Sal scored 3 crabs yesterday at the Super Store, leaving behind just 1. She took them to work and brought home supper, Cantonese Style Crab. I can't remember a meal I have enjoyed more. I decided to forget about  trying not to get messy and just enjoyed every mouthful.

Sal picked up tickets for the gold medal game in the World Juniors on Sunday. That should be a great game and hopefully the Canadians will be there as the upsets have really put things in their favour.

I put in a day at Petrie's on Thursday. I boxed up Mike's bike and took it to Purolator. $130 by ground or $600+ by air! He was in no rush once I gave him the quoted price. He'll have to wait until next Wednesday to ride 'Rachel', his Felt X-City 2. She's a sweet ride. I brought her home for an extended test ride one night but just a size too big for me. I may still get Farz to build me one with the internal hub. It would make a great commuter as I hope Rachel is for Mike.

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