Long Days, Fun Days

We had breakfast with Mike and Mel this morning then put him on a plane back to Calgary. We had two great outings with them while they were here. On Sunday we all headed out to see Mom and Dad, and I mean all of us. AJ, Mike, Mel and Ginko all had fun trapping 'clawfish'. Lots of food, some drink and perfect weather.

On Monday we all went to Mel's parents place. Lots of food and drink again and the kids all hit the pool as the weather behaved again. It was another sad goodbye to watch as Ginko gave Mike a hug. They had spent most of the day together, Brandyn collected on an ice cream bet and scored a Nerf machine gun to boot.

Then came Tuesday and back to work capped with a ride over to Current River to announce a ball game in the provincials. A half day today and another game. At least this one was worth watching. I really hate the little league pitch count. A 2-2 ball game in the 4th inning, Current River's pitcher hits his maximum and the other team score 4 runs immediately. The Kingston team had a neat story. They had no diamond to play on. It was finally ready about 6 weeks ago but no one would come to their all clay diamond to play. They got in 2 exhibition games and then won the draw from a hat for district playdowns and the other teams had to come play on the clay. They won 3 more and then practiced 7 days a week for 6 weeks and here they are in the Ontarios.

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