New Phone, Old Books

One of the many functions my new phone has is the ability to download public domain books into a 'Kindle' type reader. I found a good one today and it links directly into the archives where many of the classics can be downloaded and read. I already finished London's "Call of the Wild" and am into the second chapter of "White Fang", two classics I've never read. There are hundreds of books available and the software keeps track of the last page read, a simple touch on the screen turns the page. All very cool.

I got an email from Dave Wadson yesterday. He and a few friends are entering the 2010 Caribou Charity Ride so I'll get signed up and have someone to ride with. I wasn't going unless I found someone to ride with. They still aren't asking for donations outside of the entry fee, seems like a lost opportunity.

It came to me today that driving across the prairies with Sal sleeping in the seat beside me is a lot like riding my bike solo over long distances. Lots of time to think. Biggest difference is the cd player is on and I don't have tunes running over and over in my head. Butt gets sore just in a different way. The twist on words 'relative humility' came to me somewhere in Saskatchewan and today I created I don't know what. Anyway...

Relative Humility
feel good about achievement,
without making others feel otherwise.
take pride in accomplishment,
realize there's more to be done.
accept praise gracefully,
don't expect it.

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