Somebody Grew

The Ginko was over today for a bit. Sal and I both swear he grew since we saw him last. Jen says he actually is eating more so maybe that's it. He seems to be more mature in speech and other things as well. I didn't think we were gone that long.
The property at FCD has been for sale for a while now with no takers. A sign is going up so hopefully that will help us get to the smaller location we need.
I sent the Bank of Montreal a nasty little note today. When in Langley I went to a local branch for some cash, the debit machine was down so I went to a teller, put my card on the counter and asked for $200. She asked me which account and I said savings and was handed the cash. No id, no pin, no security! If it had been a stolen card the account could have been cleared out easily. Not very secure.

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