Inspired in September, What A Dumbass

It's not every week you hear humidex and wind chill in the news but this week has had it all. In a matter of just 3 days we've gone from 40c (104f) to 8c (46f), maybe lower tomorrow morning. Riding to work this morning was an adventure in dodging puddles and raindrops. Amazing how our newest chunk or roadway has 6 feet of puddles along the curb. I wore my rain suit and it was cold enough not to work up a sweat but my shoes kept getting splashed so I spent the day in damp socks. The ride home was actually fun as the 50km wind was at my back, just point the bars south, a few turns at the pedals, sit back and feel Mother Nature pushing me homeward.

No plans for Saturday yet but Sunday we head out to Mom and Dad's for the Alley Rematch. I'm hoping to ride out. Just for an extra challenge I'm thinking singlespeed. Eowyn is the candidate so far. Jill is pouting since she hasn't been out in more than a month. I've been inspired by Noodle and Precious. They are 2100+ miles into crossing the US for Livestrong. The setup they have actually sends twitter post from the bike, all pre-programmed to happen when certain events take place. Here's a link to a short video showing how it all works.

I got the ice schedule for Northwood for the upcoming season. I'm very happy with it. The lady who has done the scheduling for the city since before I began has retired and her replacement only trained for 2 weeks. At least she didn't try to reinvent the wheel. We're back in the Gardens once the end of September rolls around and have our usual time slots.

I just have to say that feeling inspired to do some big cycling adventure in September is just plain dumb. Better late than never I guess.

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