This and That

The cool air sure feels good but hidden under that friendly temp is lingering humidity. Just start moving around and the sweat is back. Sure beats hurricanes though. It looks like we're in for a loooong weekend of sitting indoors.

The manager's job at HNO is open again. The young guy that got the job three? years ago left at the worst time possible, just as everything is getting into gear. Haven't decided whether or not to send a resume again but I have major support from at least one board member. And as another LMHL exec said, 'nothing ventured nothing gained'. I'm pretty sure the writing is on the wall for my current employer so I'm leaning towards giving it another go.

I found a very cool website while reading over at Fat Cyclist yesterday. It's a blog submitted by the bike of a girl riding across the U.S. for Livestrong. She has it wired into the web somehow so that it constantly gives readouts of mph, distance traveled, direction etc. Check out I Am Precious.

Did anyone lose a van?

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