People Are Strange

I have been mailing last year's parents once a month since April and then more frequently as registration filled up, even had a running line on the % of capacity on our website. I called the coaches and left messages for others that I hadn't heard from. We hit 100% of capacity Friday evening, went over by 1 and then had a space open up and got back to full. This morning two of last year's parents called saying "I understand you are full but...". But you didn't have 5 minutes to do an online registration, heck I've filled out a half dozen of them for those that at least bothered to pick up the phone and call. As much as I hate saying no I can't risk taking too many kids and then not having enough of everything, ice, equipment, coaches and so on.

Sal and I went for our (just about) weekly Sunday morning ride, or as we call it 'destination Timmy's'. I was back on Eowyn after not riding her for a week, sure felt odd. A few handlebar tweaks and she's good to go. Farzam and I are dreaming up a new bike we will build (at least in our heads) over the winter. I'm hoping for a Rohloff 14 speed internal hub. One of the best engineered parts you can get for a bike it gives you the equivalent gearing of a front and rear derailleur system with 27 speeds.

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