Close Call Tuesday

2 pc toast w/peanut butter, coffee, 12 crackers, 3 gl water, 1 gl.clamato , cheese, tomatoes, meat loaf, garlic mashed taters, corn

Had a bit of a brain ache after almost a full day of spreadsheet work. Solution, ride home the long way. A sore butt trumps a sore head I guess.

Who stole the Bears playbooks this week? They looked like a peewee team playing a pro team, and it was the Giants! They are still undefeated. That wasn't a defeat that was an embarrassment.

I broke the freebie clip on the tail-light I was carrying around the rink in my pocket on Sunday. It was pretty useless but better than nothing. I picked up a great unit with 10 leds including one for each side and super battery life. The Cateye LD1100 gives me real visibility. I moved my headlight to the handlebars as the light on the head thing was just too geeky for me, heavy too. Today must have been my day as I had 3 closer than normal calls with cars. Nothing really scary. One backed out of a blind spot, one took an aggressive posture in an off ramp as I went straight and one old guy turned left right in front of me. He was impressed when I went no hands and waved 'hello'. Well his wife was. I still don't think he saw me. Can't see the 267 lb guy on the orange bike? Time to make that long overdue eye appointment.

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